Tuesday, July 25, 2017


During studying I had an inspiration with the Universe. I graduated from the theme "The elements of Gothic architecture in textile and fashion". Always with text I elaborate all my inspiration.
The Universe and Gothic have mystical elements in themselves. After the scholastic period, in the Gothic period science is trying to explain many of the themes in the spirit of their time,  art have big progress that has manifested also in architecture. It is interesting to study how science and religion affect the visual identity of time. Gothic is characterized by a "horror vacui" - a fear of empty space that can be explained as a richness of spirit . From this become all my inspiration - the richness of spirit! The richness of spirit leads me through life, it is the essence of life. I've done a lot of topics and cycles, commenting with my art works of current social theme, without words, just colors and composition and tactility. That is a challenge. Ecology is always present in everything I do. Peoples has devastated this wonderful Planet on a lot levels, and at this time that experiencing have culmination more intensive then ever.

Ecology and celebration of life are my inspiration. Life is energy in constant motion. I'm trying to visualize it. From where energy coming? What is beginning? What is shape of energy? That is a mystery! We are part of the Universe of that infinite space in which time and events have a different meaning..ah ... now it's hard for me to continue writing on English. I have to simplify the expression for translation and all lose meaning, but I hope that I have been able to explain what created my visual expression and artistic opus. I did not mention one quite personal experience. One event from the past has shaped my artistic expression. My inspirations are complex, they have an interaction. There is lot of idea what I want to create. I feel lot of energy in myself, lot of inspirations.

When I'm working with a torch then I most feel the energy of creation. Working in metal is what drives me creatively all the stronger and stronger. I pause only when I get tired, just to refresh and continue. Something like a perpetuum mobile ;) ... but of course, now I have a lot of orders and dead lines, it is necessary to take time to enjoy life after work :)

This pendants represent my inspiration with Universe...sometimes I fantasize about traveling to which it is impossible to go ... about the land to which it is impossible to put foots and run ... where the air is impossible to breathe .... it is enough to look up and enjoy the view of the vastness of the night sky and the countless stars .... this is sculptural jewelry inspired by cosmic dust, clouds, stars and endless space ! *-*

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"National Heritage - LACE"


 Sculptural shaped brooch and ring for a group exhibition ULUPUH "National Heritage - LACE" 
opening 18.07.2017. at 19 pm ULUPUH Gallery, Tkalčićeva 14.
ULUPUH means: the Association of Artists of Applied Arts of Croatia
Exhibition curator: Ivana Bakal
The exhibition will be open until 28.07.2017.
cotton lace, copper, sterling silver, oak, threads, colors
SHORT CONCEPT: "TRACES OF WHITENESS" -The characteristic white lace Slavonian I "conserved" in copper with electroforming technique for eternal life. The white color is present only in trace as an association on the authenticity of white which is with oak completes the traditional story about lace artifacts kept in chests.

Skulptorski oblikovan prsten za skupnu izložbu ULUPUH-a "Nacionalna baština - ČIPKA"
 otvorenje 18.07.2017. u 19 sati Galerija ULUPUH, Tkalčićeva 14.
ULUPUH znači: Udruženje Likovnih Umjetnika Primijenjenih Umjetnosti Hrvatske 
Kustosica izložbe: Ivana Bakal 
Izložba će biti otvorena do 28.07.2017.
pamučna čipka, bakar, srebro, hrast, konci, boja
KRATAK KONCEPT: Karakterističnu bijelu Slavonsku čipku sam "konzervirala" u bakar tehnikom elektrooblikovanja za vječno trajanje. Bijela boja je u tragovima prisutna tek kao asocijacija na izvornost bjeline koja uz hrast zaokružuje tradicijsku priču čipkanih rukotvorina čuvanih u škrinjama.



- I painted my hand with a white wall paint to make photo of the ring. Obviously the color is good quality because it was necessary to scrub a long time to make my hand clean again ;)) 

- Bojala sam ruku bijelom zidnom bojom za fotkanje prstena . Očito je boja dobre kvalitete jer sam ju morala dugo ribati sa ruke ;))

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

UNIVERSE as inspiration

 This is custom order PENDANT (sterling silver, copper, brass, patina) for one interesting man. He is pilot, my inspiration is Universe. Clouds, altitudes and the Universe fascinate us. This pendant will definitely have a good owner. He asked me to make a pendant in the dimensions that he like and suggested the combination of details from my two pendants that was in my shop. This was an interesting collaboration, thank you Mr. W for nice cooperation and communication :) 

  Ovo je PRIVJESAK (srebro, bakar, mesing, patina) po narudžbi za jednog zanimljivog kupca. On je pilot, moja inspiracija je Svemir. Oblaci, visine i svemir fasciniraju nas. Ovaj privjesak zasigurno će imati dobrog vlasnika. Zamolio me da napravim privjesak u dimenzijama koje mu odgovaraju i predložio kombinaciju detalja sa dva privjeska koji su bili u mojoj trgovini. Ovo je bila zanimljiva suradnja, hvala g. W. za zanimljivu suradnju i razgovor :)


Pendant in progress, jewelry making is not clean work. There is lot of dirty and dangerous work to do until the end. This is reticulation technique for nice relief structure on the surface what remind me on Universe energy and clouds. 
Fire reminds me on the Big Bang and the power of creation. There is tremendous energy that you need to know to control to create beauty

Privjesak u stvaranju, izrada nakita nije čist posao. Postoji mnogo prljavih i opasnih radova do kraja. Ovo je tehnika retikulacije za lijepu reljefnu strukturu na površini koja me podsjeća na energiju Svemira i oblake. 
Vatra me podsjeća na Veliki Prasak i snagu stvaranja. Ogromna je to energija koju treba znati kontrolirati za stvaranje ljepote

finished pendant - all elements describe planets, stars and Universe energy

završen privjesak: Svi elementi dočaravaju planete, zvijezde i svemirsku energiju

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This is how that customer see my studio - I explained how warm is summer when I work, behind the back I have a fan, and in the hand I have torch, fire.  I connect red-hot metals. With music from CD atmosphere is like on hot tropical beach. This photo he made in Photoshop, I has an interesting property from now - VESNA TROPICAL FACTORY. You are  all well came :)))

Ovako jedan moj klijent vidi moj atelje - objašnjavam kako je vruće ljeto kada radim, iza leđa imam ventilator, a u ruci imam baklju, vatru. Spajam užarene metale. S glazbom iz CD atmosfera je nalik vrućoj tropskoj plaži. Ova je fotografija koju je napravio u Photoshopu, imam zanimljivu nekretninu   - VESNA TROPICAL FACTORY. Svi ste dobro došli :)))

Saturday, June 3, 2017


I write this post for my customers.

On my jewelry I use LOS (Liver-of-sulfur) or black patina, both make gray/black color and depending of metal, shadows can be like dark gold or purple colors. It is necessary to know that  patina is not permanent. Patina is very tiny layer on surface what must be protected for durable color.

Each patina on any jewelry is like color on jeans, with time fades. Oxidized durability also depends on the PH skin. If a person has a some illness  and drinking strong medicines then the blood have more acidic  and has more toxins. Toxins come out on the surface of the skin and create a reaction with metal jewelry.
In this situation the black / gray patina becomes pale a lot faster. If the person sweats, sweat also makes reaction on the surface of metal jewelry.
Please use the perfume, hair spray and deo spray before putting jewelry. The skin needs to be dry when you put jewelry because the perfume,  hair spray and the deo-spray make a chemical reaction. Jewelry that is worn on a clothes, not directly on the skin, will have a longer patina color. Do not wear jewelry on the beach / pool, never during bathing. Remove the rings when you wash your hands or work in the kitchen. For rings it is important not to wear them when doing physical work that may cause scratches on the surface of the ring.
If you follow these instructions, patina on your jewelry will last longer.
Only gold, platinum and others noble metals do not oxidize, so do not be sad when you notice the color changes of your silver, especially copper and brass jewelry, as this is their characteristic. In any case, silver, copper and brass are healthy metals, not toxic.

 I can re oxidize jewelry what you are buying at my web shop at any time, please contact me for this. You will pay only shipping cost in both direction or you can visit your local jewelry artist / shop to do that for you * - *


Renaissance Wax was developed in the British Museum research laboratories in the early 1950s.

The wax is uniformly and lightly applied to the surface, then lightly buffed with a smooth hairless fabric to gain gloss. Where a shape is needed, for surface with relief, a brush can be used. It is also used in jewelry making to preserve the patina of the metal.
Obviously the application technique and tools must be appropriate to any specific needs of the item being treated. For flat surface you can use wax with finger.

Renaissance Wax is a brand of micro crystalline wax polish that is encountered in antique restoration and museum conservation. It is not appropriate for all materials, and is most safely used on metal objects. However, it is also used for the polish and conservation of organic materials such as wood, ivory, tortoiseshell, and gemstones. Renaissance Wax is sometimes used by reenactors of historic swordsmanship to protect armor and weapons. Waxes are more protective and longer-lasting than oil, especially for swords and helmets that are frequently touched by human hands. It has recently been introduced in the world of guitar building, as a finish that protects and gives color to the wood.

Wax coatings for conservation are most widely, and least controversially, applied to metals. This has several objectives: to produce a barrier that excludes moisture and oxygen from the metal surface, to ensure against further introduction of contaminating elements by handling, and to provide a protective layer over anti-corrosion undercoatings. Waxes are not permanent, though, and will attract dust and lint over time, necessitating removal of the dirty wax.
P.S. Part of the text I've taken from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance_Wax


The green color left by copper and brass on the skin is not toxic and easily removed with soap or alcohol. This is a normal reaction that will be more intense in people who have more toxins in the blood,their blood is acidic. This acid comes to the skin surface and creates a reaction with the metal.


How much acid in the blood is powerful in creating a reaction with the things that we wearing is the fact that people with diabetes should not wear jewelry of pearls. Pearls are porous and skin toxins easily penetrate into them and completely destroy them.


My last way to protect the surface of metal jewelry is Zapon lacquer, well known in the art world. Has a micro drops that are finely dispersed, creating an invisible matte protective layer.

I hope this post has provided enough information on protecting the surface of jewelry. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me :)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017




 if you would like travel in another time, join me! (sterling silver, Oak 100 years old, pearls, steel, hot enamel, lacquer 10,8×10×1,3 cm )
After the Eon of creation with different materials, some of my relationships to matter have become logical in themselves and I do not think too much about the character of matter. As I crossed over the wood with my fingers, analyzed what I would turn it into, I found the thought of how friendly it is, warm and supple. It is easy to "communicate" with him as opposed to metal that hijacks the design and needs a lot of physical force to him to create forms



 ako želite putovati u neko drugo vrijeme, pridružite mi se! (Srebro, hrast 100 godina, biseri, čelik, vruči emajl, lak 10,8 × 10 × 1,3 cm)
Nakon eona stvaralaštva sa različitim materijalima neki su mi odnosi prema materiji postali logični sami po sebi i ne razmišljam previše o karakteru materije. Dok sam prebacivala drvo prstima, analizirala ga u što ću ga pretvoriti, zatekla sam misao kako je to prijateljska materija, topla i podatna. lako je "komunicirati" s njim za razliku od metala koji se otima oblikovanju i treba dosta fizičke sile da mu se stvori oblik

Monday, April 24, 2017

BROOCH (with story) - electroforming fabric mesh with LOS patina


BROOCH (with story) - electroforming fabric mesh with LOS patina

In the past, something bad happened with my cervical spine, one reason is big mistake of a doctor and another reason is occupational disease due to long-term position of the body in a non-physiologic position of the body in the time when I was work as textile artist. The consequences are lifelong, pain constantly, I work very hard in pain all the time. I constantly research techniques that are not physically demanding, this is why my creativity is so diverse. I have just discovered the electroformnig of jewelry as a technique. I hope that I will be able to work with less pain - my joy is endless :)

BROŠ (sa pričom) - elektrooblikovana mreža od tkanine s LOS patinom

U prošlosti se dogodilo nešto loše s mojom vratnom kralježnicom, jedan od razloga je velika pogreška liječnika, a drugi razlog je profesionalna bolest zbog dugotrajnog položaja tijela u nefiziološkom položaju tijela u vrijeme kada sam radila kao tekstilna umjetnica. Posljedice su doživotno bolno stanje, cijelo vrijeme radim u bolovima koji ne prestaju. Stalno istražujem tehnike koje nisu fizički zahtjevne, zato je moja kreativnost tako raznovrsna. Upravo sam otkrila elektro oblikovanje nakita kao tehniku. Nadam se da ću moći raditi s manje boli - moja radost je beskrajna :)

This is how process of electroforming jewelry looks like, one step...cup of coffee is on secure distance on the shelf, far away from all chemistry :)

Ovako izgleda proces elektroformiranja nakita, jedan korak...šalica kave je na sigurnoj udaljenosti na polici daleko od kemikalija :)


Friday, March 17, 2017


It is interesting to show this experience with 4 enameled copper rings, on the bottom is first what I make long time before as custom order ring and now I'm trying to do the same. All have same shape, I used the same colors, but result is different. Structures, shadows and colors depends about temperature how close is torch to ring, what is temperature of flame, how thick is the coat of color and on the end -  time. How long I keep torch on ring and on what distance, it is about seconds. All that elements is not possible to repeat when I make enamel with torch on vertical surface as ring. Copper also has reaction with colors, change it, depends how thick is coat of colors. Although on the beginning I had intention to make same ring like first but now I like the unpredictability. I love dynamics on all surface. There is something mystic in unique shadows and  structures. 

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                                                                   enameled in process